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Gimme a Boost, Mom! (Giveaway CLOSED)

356 Comments 08 February 2009

Most of these things are ones that she can try to help with, but when it comes to things in the kitchen, obviously the height of the countertop is an issue and serves as a barrier for how much she can help with. A chair would be too dangerous to stand on, and she can't sit on the countertop itself, so our options are limited. The creators of The Learning Tower had the same exact thought about toddlers who are Little AG's age, and they developed a product that safely brings toddlers aged 18 months and up to countertop height.

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You Can Never Have Too Much Flair! (Giveaway CLOSED)

414 Comments 01 February 2009

Take a look around here really quickly. Yup, that’s right — look around. Any guess as to my favorite color? Hmm, if you’re thinking it’s blue you get a big red x, my friend. So, let’s see, what could it be…do do do…um, oh yes! Pink! I love pink, and my tendency to purchase clothing […]

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A Pink Boom…er, I mean Boon!

8 Comments 19 January 2009

We LOVE our Boon Frog Pod (and it has been the subject of a previous bathtime post) – I received it at my baby shower and I can honestly say that it gets good use every night. Between that and our Flo Faucet Cover, Little AG’s bathtub is fun and functional thanks to these very […]

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My Little Pony RC Scootaloo (A Giveaway!)

275 Comments 16 December 2008

I grew up with a father who loved cars — working on them, driving them, even watching them race around a track. I suppose it was inevitable that I would develop a love of things that “go”, but as a girl, it was oftentimes hard to find toys that would do so and ones that […]

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Suri’s Little Ladybug Shoes on Oprah today!

134 Comments 12 December 2008

If you get a chance, check out the episode of Oprah that is going to air today — it will be featuring a very special pair of ladybug shoes worn by Suri Cruise, and Tom mentions that she really “likes the Ladybugs”. I just happen to know the story behind those adorable ladybug shoes, and […]

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Smart-e-Bear makes me Smil-e! (A giveaway!)

284 Comments 08 December 2008

When Little AG was little we had one of those stuffed animals that responded when you pushed on its paws, etc. It was cool for our purposes at the time (to stop the screaming and crying) but as she got older she quickly lost interest because it was very limited in the activities it could […]

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Christmas Gift Guide 2008: For Kids & Baby

12 Comments 02 December 2008

Welcome to Day 4 of the Chic Shopper Chick Gift Guide! Today we are going to focus on Kids and Baby stuff — but don’t forget to check out the other great items we’ve discussed so far! Day One was all about Holiday Traditions, Day Two was about Entertaining and Hostess Gifts, and Day Three […]

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Something to Whistle About

4 Comments 01 December 2008

We are quickly approaching something that I know that I can’t put off. Moving to a big girl bed has my stomach in knots, mainly because I know that Little AG will be up and running around our house in the middle of the night, and I have the feeling I will be hearing shrieks […]

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Review and Giveaway: Pony Sisters Ponchos

13 Comments 27 October 2008

Last week we got something in the mail that I was so so excited about. Pony Sisters Ponchos turned my sweet Little AG into the most adorable version of little red riding hood EVER! We got this awesome red fleece poncho for Little AG to try out and we just love it (and she loves […]

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