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$50 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway

3 Comments 18 June 2014

Can you believe that Chic Shopper Chick is 6 years old? Honestly, it is kind of mind-blowing for me.  What started as a side project to keep me busy while my 6 month old was napping (because really, why use that time to clean or cook when you can write about shopping on the internet?!) […]

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UPS My Choice® For the Busy Bride

4 Comments 22 August 2012

So, a month from today I’m getting married. Just reading the sentence above this one is enough to make my heart beat so rapidly that you’d think I was Jack Bauer – facing down terrorists in a back alley in Los Angeles. But nope – just committing to spend the rest of my life with […]

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Fisher-Price BabyGear is A Life Saver For Baby’s First Year {Giveaway CLOSED}

94 Comments 03 May 2012

Becoming a parent is scary. Well, at least it was for me. They sent me home after two days in the hospital with a 7 pound baby and instructions to call if we needed anything. I was terrified. (more…)

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I’m wearing Cow Pajamas in this Post. Happy Pajama Week! {A Giveaway!}

11 Comments 02 May 2012

Did you know that this week is pajama week? Well, now you do! Honestly, I’d like to declare every week pajama week. Hey, it’s like college all over again! You already know that I’m a milk drinker. In a major way. I’m tempted to go over to my fridge right this second and take a […]

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Picplum: The Perfect Gift For The Holidays {A Giveaway}

6 Comments 12 December 2011

  I remember the day that I discovered picplum very clearly. It was August 19th, and I was flying back to Louisiana for my 29th birthday after having spent 3 weeks in Southern California with my fiance’ and his son. It was actually the last time I would ever fly “home” to Louisiana and I […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Glowberry Bears {A Giveaway}

56 Comments 06 December 2011

A few years ago when we visited Walt Disney World Audrey came home with one of those Minnie Mouse figures that when the button is pressed, her skirt spins around and she lights up. At the time I thought it was a novelty, but it has turned into a “thing” – being that she can’t […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Yankee Candle {Giveaway!}

406 Comments 14 November 2011

Thanks for checking out my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! Be sure to check out Our Ordinary Life and Mommy Mandy for more great gift ideas! * * * (more…)

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Tutu Tuesday: Tutu Pour Mon Deux {A Giveaway!}

37 Comments 19 April 2011

When I was a little girl, I used to evaluate the quality of dresses by how far out they would twirl when I would spin. Those which did not spin to my satisfaction were shunned, and rarely worn. I was the consummate girly-girl. Pink, frills, princesses, tiaras – I suppose this comes as no surprise […]

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Gaggle Of Chicks {Giveaway CLOSED}

2 Comments 16 February 2011

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the plot by group-buying sites to take over the world, and Gaggle of Chicks has stepped up to throw their hat into the majorly-discounted ring. This group-buying site, however, is targeting moms specifically. I mean, let’s face it, we rule the roost and make the majority of purchasing […]

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Holiday Gifts: Soma Intimates “Personality” PJ’s {Giveaway CLOSED}

124 Comments 21 November 2010

I get loads of email each day, something I wished for and hoped for 3 years ago, and now something that I wish I could figure out how to better handle, sort, and organize. Spam has gotten smarter and my “smart” spam filter stands by and waves it though into my inbox, smiling. So usually […]

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2009 Holiday Guide: Keurig Platinum Brewing System {Giveaway CLOSED}

535 Comments 18 December 2009

Yesterday I published a guide that included some of my favorite Holiday picks for mom – and it included the amazing, awesome, fabulously incredible (see how many of those I need to express my love?) Keurig Platinum Single Serve Brewing System. (more…)

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2009 Holiday Guide: Mophie Juice Pack Air {A Giveaway}

131 Comments 12 December 2009

If you’ve checked out my 2009 gift suggestions for the tech-savvy crowd, then you’ve already read my long winded story about how, when there are a bunch of geeks in one place, my iPhone battery dies on me. The Mophie Juice Pack Air makes my long days at conferences like Blog World Expo and TribeCon […]

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2009 Holiday Guide: LogMeIn {A Giveaway}

22 Comments 12 December 2009

In conjunction with the 2009 Holiday Guide, I have a few things to give away to you, my readers! My new favorite iPhone App is LogMeIn, an app that lets you access any internet-connected computer from your iPhone or iPod touch. Sa-weet! Here are a few screen shots of the app in action: (more…)

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Come Together With Macy’s {A Giveaway!}

285 Comments 10 October 2009

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 10 households in America goes hungry or is threatened by the possibility of hunger? (via Oakland Institute) This is an unacceptable statistic and one that we can fight together to change. We need to help fund this effort, but we also need to help raise […]

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