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Fashionable and Fit with Lorna Jane

5 Comments 14 June 2014

Right before I turned 30 I discovered something new – exercise at the gym.  I know it sounds crazy, but until that point I had always just pointed to my lifestyle and the fact that I’m a former dancer and swimmer as my “exercise”.  But, as it often does, 30 was catching up with me – and fast.  For the first time in my life I joined a gym and set a goal – run a 5k.  I know to some of you out there, the idea of 3.1 miles is simply laughable – you probably do that every day at lunch.  But for the girl who used to walk all 8 laps of the Presidential Physical Fitness test in elementary school (remember those?), the girl who hates running and has bad knees, this goal was borderline terrifying.

As you can probably also guess, prior to that, yoga pants were worn only for their comfort, not to actually work out in.  Joining a gym meant that I was also slowly building an appropriate gym wardrobe – sports bras, athletic pants, and stretchy tops.  But oh man. It is not easy to find stylish workout clothes that also fit well.


Erika Brown reviews Lorna Jane Active Wear.jpg


Enter Lorna Jane.

Some folks over at the brand reached out to me about a month ago to ask if I had heard of them (my bad, I hadn’t) and if I would like to pop into my nearest shop for a styling session (heck yeah I do).

The verdict?  Super cute, stylish workout clothes.  Some so cute you could almost skip the workout and just go out for cocktails (chill out, fitness freaks, I said almost).


Lorna Jane Active wear review by Erika Brown


What We Love About Lorna Jane

–The folks at Lorna Jane come out with a whopping 70-100 new pieces a month.  That means if you can’t find something you like (highly unlikely – I could have easily dropped 500 smackers in there), pop back in a few weeks later and it’s like seeing a whole new store.

–The company was started by a woman (Lorna Jane, no less!) and 23 years later she still functions as the creative director of the brand. We dig female entrepreneurship.

–Lots of new inventory each month means there is always something to be found on the sales rack.  I may be the Chic Shopper Chick but I love a good deal.

–The clothes are stylish and sexy, and even a bit daring, without ever going over the edge into “I can’t wear that” land.

–The bras?  Miracle workers.  Even Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make things look this good.


Lorna Jane Active Wear Review


What We Could Do Without

–Some of the branding on the clothes is huge.  As in “LORNA JANE” written in large letters down the side of the pants.  It’s just a bit too much branding for me, but of course if it said “I LOVE ICE CREAM” I might consider wearing it, just for the irony of it all.

–It’s all pretty pricey.  We have come to accept this as the norm in workout wear, especially the cute trendy stuff, but I still just don’t love spending so much money on clothes that I’m meant to sweat profusely in.  Ironically, if the prices were just a bit lower, I’d probably spend more money in the end because I would be likely to stop in more often.


Lorna Jane Australia Review


How Lorna Jane Stacks Up

I have about 3 other well-known brand names in my workout drawer and Lorna Jane rivals if not exceeds them in both quality and durability.  After several wears doing everything from hot yoga to running, and being washed about 5 times, the colors are still just as vibrant and the fit is still just like it was in the store – meaning it has not shrunk or stretched.  I’ve gotta be honest – I’m impressed.

Overall, I give the active wear from Lorna Jane an enthusiastic seal of approval for durability and for their fun, stylish workout clothes.  I’ll be back for more.


Disclosure:  I was provided with a workout outfit of my choice for the purposes of this post.  However, I was not paid for this post or my opinion.  As always, I keep it real, and my opinions are 100% my own – which you’ve probably figured out by now, anyway.  

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5 Comments so far

  1. Stacy B says:

    You look adorable in these! I love all of the fun colors! Sadly, no stores close to me but I might try shopping online.

    • Erika says:

      Thank you so much Stacy! I found the sizing to be pretty true to my typical sizes, so I think you’ll probably have good luck shopping online. Enjoy!

  2. Sylvia Walters says:

    Love it…….I enjoy seeing clothes that are different from the norm!

  3. Lana says:

    Woah. 2 bras for $100?! That’s crazy expensive for a brand I’ve never heard of.

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