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A Spring Kitchen Makeover on a Budget with Bella Linea

3 Comments 23 March 2014

Each year in the spring I find myself with a hankering to redecorate my house.  New chairs for the dining room table, new duvets for the kids, new photos on the walls, and so on.  My husband, however, has been begging me for a kitchen makeover – because it feels like some of the appliances that we are using were left over from our college days – like our toaster.  It was a simple 2-slice toaster in white that was so beat up that it was rather comical – but it worked! And let’s face it – toasters and the like are not things that are high on your priority list after you get married – so every day we used our sad little white toaster to make breakfast, 2 slices at a time.

But we are using a sad toaster no more!

Bella Linea, the newest in the lineup from Bella at Walmart (you may have seen the DOTS line which has, not surprisingly, dots all over it), sent a few of the Walmart Moms some items to review.  The appliances are budget friendly and come in a ton of fun colors.  We received everything in red, including – wait for it – a 2-slice toaster and a 4-slice toaster!  The 2 slice toaster works great and retails for $24.94, but the 4-slice toaster has really changed the speed of our mornings for the better.  It means I can make 2 bagels for 2 hungry children at a time, or it means I can make my english muffin at the same time as the one I toast for my husband before he heads to work.  In short, I have discovered that as a family we eat a lot of toasted carbohydrates and so a 4-slice toaster was necessary – especially when you consider the reasonable price point of $34.92.


4 Slice Toaster

Bella Linea 4 Slice Toaster Controls


The toaster actually has several settings, including a bagel setting – so you’re only toasting one side of the bagel – plus a defrost setting, a cancel setting (in case you see your items getting a little too toasty) and of course, a dial to choose just how toasty you’d like the toaster to be.



Bella Linea Slow Cooker at Walmart


They also sent a 5-quart programmable slow cooker.  Out of the items from the line, I must say that this is my least favorite.  In theory, it is fantastic. I love that you can program it to start at a certain time with the easy-to-read LED screen.  The stoneware pot is removable for easy storage and is dishwasher safe.  However, the top gasket and locking top feels a bit flimsy and not as well made as it could be.  I had a lot of trouble getting the lid to lock back into place – and I was worried I would break it with too much pressure.  The description says it is hinged and locks into place for no-spill transport – which is a great idea – it just didn’t work as well as I would like it to.  That won’t stop me from using it, though, and at $34.92 the price is right.


Bella Linea 12 cup programmable coffee maker Walmart


Finally, we were also sent the 12 cup programmable coffee maker, which is available at Walmart for $44.97.  While it took a while to get set up (we had to run through 2 pots of coffee that were just water, with no less than 15 minutes in between) once I was ready to make coffee with my favorite brew (Big Easy, natch) it was a fast and painless process.  My favorite parts of the coffee maker are

a) It holds 12 cups.  That’s perfect for us.  It’s about 3 cups of coffee for us each – which is about what we each need to get started with our day.  Yes. It’s that bad over here.

b) It has a removable filter – so no more waste or incessantly buying coffee filters!

c) You can brew different strengths of coffee – light, medium, or bold – with just the touch of a button.  Bold please!

Overall I’m super impressed with this great new lineup from Bella Linea, including a few that are available exclusively at Walmart.  They look fantastic on my counter top, and are budget friendly!


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3 Comments so far

  1. Trish says:

    So in love with the red toaster!

  2. Jenn says:

    These are great – I especially love the coffee maker. I think a little splash of color in your kitchen is always a good choice – good call on the red.

  3. Loredana says:

    I LOVE the all red appliances – they look so swanky! Good find!

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