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L*Space Dolly Knotted Berry Bikini from The Orchid Boutique

3 Comments 07 June 2013

I have a confession to make. I am a hoarder. But not the kind like you see on TV where they have like 18 pounds of computer paper, a cast iron pot collection, and eleventy billion cats all shoved into one house – no I’m not that bad (yet). It’s just that I hoard bathing suits. For a girl who can be super insecure about her figure I sure do like to buy them. At last count I had somewhere around 15 two piece swimsuits that currently fit – actually make that 16 with the addition of my newest swimsuit by L*Space and courtesy of The Orchid Boutique.

Last summer before we went on our honeymoon I became obsessed with this trend of fringe on the tops of bathing suits. I usually opt for a strapless swimsuit anyway (tan lines are for amateurs) because I’m roughly half Italian and those olive-complected half of my genes mean that I tan/burn after being in the sun for 15 minutes. That aside, I loved the way that the fringe drew attention down the abdomen, away from the shoulders, and elongated the torso. I coveted every fringey confection that sauntered by me last summer and so when The Orchid Boutique offered me the chance to have my very own I jumped at the chance.

Orchid Boutique Two Piece Swimsuit


This L*Space Dolly Knotted Berry two piece swimsuit is great. It is well-made, the seams are solid, and the cut is adorable. The shipping from The Orchid Boutique was fast and their customer service is amazing.

The only downside to this cute suit is that it runs small. And for those of us who are a bit more…ahem…blessed – well, you may have trouble with this cut and suit. I don’t mind saying publicly that I wear a size 6/8 – but the bottoms were a bit too revealing to share with you, internets, so I’ve saved them for public beaches only. (I know that the irony is thick, but what happens on CSC stays on Google forever and I want my children to get into a good college without the admissions people going “oh, check out this kids’ mom on the internet. OH. Ohhhh my.”)


L-Space Knotted Berry


Anyway, if you are looking for fringey deliciousness in the form of a bikini, you’ll love this suit. :)

Thanks to the Orchid Boutique for sending it over for me to try. I love it!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but the suit was provided in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Loving L*Space fringe bandeaus for summer! <3

  2. Sylvia Walters says:

    The swimsuit looks wonderful and the hat is a great addition! Love the picture

  3. Looks beautiful on you!

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