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An Easy To Carve Tigger Pumpkin

0 Comments 15 October 2012

I’m sure if you search this site you’ll find 80 billion mentions of Tigger because he is my daughter’s favorite and he gets mentioned all of the time around these parts. So of course this year when I asked Audrey Grace what kind of pumpkin she wanted to carve for Halloween the response came quickly “A Tigger pumpkin!”. So, a Tigger pumpkin is what we set out to do.

This year I decided that I wanted to try my hand at surface carving a pumpkin – so we went to Walmart and scooped up all of the goodies that we would need, including a pumpkin for $3.88. A big pumpkin at that. My husband could not believe how inexpensive it was – he kept asking the attendant if it was $3.88 per pound! (“Are you sure this isn’t per pound? These are really inexpensive and they’re huge!”) We ended up buying not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE PUMPKINS. Can you tell we were a little excited?

Easy To Carve Tigger Pumpkin Pattern


So I grabbed an LED pumpkin light from Pumpkin Masters and a Pumpkin Masters Carving Party Kit from Walmart. We weren’t having a party but I tend to be heavy handed with the tools (read: I push so hard that I snap them in half) so having a few backups on hand seemed to be a good idea. Then I went online and searched for a Tigger Pumpkin Pattern and found the one that you see in the photo above. I set my husband and kids to work on scooping out the guts and cleaning the inside of the pumpkin, then I got to work!

I taped the pattern on the pumpkin and used the tools in the kit to trace the pattern onto the pumpkin itself. Then I used the surface carving tools from Pumpkin Masters to slowly but surely carve the tigger pattern. It was intense and took a lot of focus, but it wasn’t hard. Here is our end result!


Tigger Pumpkin Pattern


Pretty snazzy, right? And here it is, all lit up!


Tigger Pumpkin Pattern


What pumpkins will you carve for Halloween this year?


Disclosure: This was a sponsored post on behalf of my role as a Walmart Mom. All opinions are 100% my own.

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