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I’m wearing Cow Pajamas in this Post. Happy Pajama Week! {A Giveaway!}

11 Comments 02 May 2012

Did you know that this week is pajama week? Well, now you do!

Honestly, I’d like to declare every week pajama week. Hey, it’s like college all over again!

You already know that I’m a milk drinker. In a major way. I’m tempted to go over to my fridge right this second and take a photo of the 4 cartons of organic milk that are currently hanging out in there, waiting to be consumed. I only say that I’m tempted because while I’d like to show you, if I do then you’d have to also bear witness to the disaster that is my refrigerator, and while I live most of my life publicly on the internet, some things just have to be off limits, you know? Like leftover Chinese food. Too personal.

Where was I? Oh! Yes, we love milk. I say we because my kids love it too. (Proud mom bragging moment in 3…2…1…) I don’t even have to flavor it for them to drink it (though I’ve never seen them turn down a glass of chocolate milk) they just love milk. And rightfully so, it’s just good.

If that isn’t reason enough for you, look, Salma Hayek starts her day off with milk, too!



In honor of Pajama Week my awesome friends with Milk Mustache sent me these super cool cow “PajaMOOS” (though I think “MOOjamas” works equally as well), a cozy Breakfast Project t-shirt, a breakfast cookbook (that my family is desperately hoping that I read – it came with a picture of Eggs Benedict on the front cover which set the bar needlessly high), a breakfast tray, some fun recipes, and a cow spotted milk frother. Oh and they sent me COW SLIPPERS. I have officially declared myself the coolest mom in this house.

Because everyone knows that what goes on the internet is not searchable forever and really simple to remove, I decided that I should model my “PajaMOOS” for you.


How great are those cow slippers? I like to call them “MOOshoes”. Kind of like the Chinese food in my fridge!


And one more photo of me in cow pajamas because, well, why not?


How awesome are those? Would you like to win your very own pair of “PajaMOOS”? I’ve got a fun gift basket to give away just like the one I received thanks to the folks who reign over everything Milk related. The winner will receive:

  • A Breakfast in Bed Tray
  • Breakfast recipes from MilkMustache.com
  • A breakfast cookbook
  • A mug and milk frother to perfect your morning latte
  • A pair of PajaMOOs (Cow pajama pants & a Milk Mustache shirt)
  • Cow slippers

To enter to win, just leave a comment below! I’d love to hear how you incorporate milk into your daily routine if you want to share. In your latte? In your cereal? Do you sneak sips of the kids’ chocolate milk? Share your thoughts in the comments and you could win a Milk Mustache breakfast basket!

Don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won? Follow @MilkMustache on Twitter – they’re giving away more “PajaMOOS” all week long. You can also check out Salma, The Breakfast Project, and our friends at Milk Mustache on Facebook!

Fine print: Contest ends May 7th at 11:59 pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random and you must leave a valid email address so that you can be contacted should you win. Winner has 72 hours to respond to my email before another winner will be chosen. 18 and older only, void where prohibited, be a nice person. Thanks!

Disclosure: I was provided a prize pack for this post. Opinions are my own. I really do drink milk. I really do drink tons of milk. You should too, it’s good for you!

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11 Comments so far

  1. Eric Sharkey says:

    you’re slippers are adorable

  2. Susan Reed says:

    My husband and I are dairy farmers, does that tell you anything? Milk goes in everything around here! I also have a china cabinet filled with “little” cows and I have a big stuffed cow that I snuggle with. Did I mention that I am 55 years old going on ten? Love the pj’s and slippers!

  3. Paulene says:

    My daughter amber usually have at least 3-5 milk productts aday she just love the way it tastes and she prefers it over pop and even chocolate she just really love cows and i can never find anything cow to give her cause she is really obsessed she has ocd (obsessive cow disorder)

  4. trisha says:

    Milk is a big part of our diet around here too. Charlotte has been drinking 4-5 glasses of milk since she was old enough to have it, around 1. Until she was 5, she would not go to bed without a glass of milk before bedtime. I drink milk with almost all my dinner meals. My spouse isnt a fan of a direct glass, but eats a bowl of cereal every day, so he gets it then.

    ps your PJs look adorable.

  5. kristy says:

    I always use milk in my morning cereal. I also enjoy some ice cold milk at dinner time. I’m even known to make a glass of chocolate milk to have for a special treat. Love my milk!


    We have milk with cereal every morning

  7. Melissa says:

    Those PJ’s are too cute!! I would love to win a new pair of new PJ’s!! Putting on my PJ’s is always my favorite part of my day!! I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it is really important to get my daily calcium!!

  8. sweetnana says:

    I am not a milk drinker however, I love it in my cereal and in my morning coffee. Without it, how would I eat my cereal? LOL
    No chocolate milk is another story. I can drink a quart of it in one sitting. This is my milk story. I hope I win the MooJama’s

  9. Lauren Bush says:

    I absolutely LOVE milk!!! That was the only beverage offered with dinner when I was growing up and still frequently enjoy it. I have it in cereal, Cream of Wheat, with chocolate sauce mixed in, or plain. I am hoping that I can pass this love of milk on to my children :)

  10. Lane says:

    I love milk in in all sorts of things throughout the day. I drink milk in my coffee, in my cereal, in my protein shakes, and just by itself. I also use milk in various recipes. I definitely Got Milk! :-)

  11. Deena Blas says:

    Really cute post and I relate as a Mom. My kids are much older now, 16 and 18 but still avid milk drinkers. We all are! You kind of take your love for something for granted until its gone. My son had a bone marrow transplant and was placed on a special diet that didn’t include milk and as a family we followed the same diet with him. It was difficult and there is no real substitute. We’re back to our regular diet but this reminded me of how much we love milk!!

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