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Picplum: The Perfect Gift For The Holidays {A Giveaway}

6 Comments 12 December 2011


I remember the day that I discovered picplum very clearly. It was August 19th, and I was flying back to Louisiana for my 29th birthday after having spent 3 weeks in Southern California with my fiance’ and his son. It was actually the last time I would ever fly “home” to Louisiana and I knew that it would be – because 11 days later my daughter and I would officially become residents of California.

I had spent nearly 30 years as a Louisiana resident. My entire life. My 4 year old’s entire life. I was excited for a new adventure. My family was excited for me too, for sure. Even so, there were a lot of tears. Like, a lot. A ton.

I think it was mostly over the fact that my daughter was going with me. Not that they don’t love me or anything, but if you are a parent, or a grandparent you understand the joy that a grandchild brings to a family. You also understand that if said grandchild lived with you for a good year of her life and also came over for dinner at least once a week then that loss hurts even more.

But back to my story. I was sitting in the Dallas airport, waiting on yet another delayed flight, when I saw a tweet from my fiance’ – suggesting that I check out picplum. The idea behind it was that you can upload photos throughout the month – from your phone, your computer, and via email – and on a certain day each month picplum will print and ship that “batch” of photos to addresses that you had previously specified.

I literally read the tweet, went to the picplum website, and pulled out my credit card to sign up. I was totally sold – I could think of no better gift and surprise for my family back home. The idea is simple, 50 cents per print, and starting at $2.50 shipping per recipient. So for under 10 bucks a month, I can print and ship photos to my parents of my daughter, my soon-to-be-son, and occasionally myself and my fiance’. They get everything from photos of the first day of school, to sleepy morning photos, to photos of us all at the pumpkin patch.

Here is what one of my upload pages looks like:

You can see in the top left hand corner that I sent 3 different recipients 19 photos each. I love me some picplum.

As I sat in the airport uploading my photos, I found myself with a few questions. I sent a tweet to @picplum and had a response almost immediately. At other times I’ve been on the site and the live chat has popped out and one of the founders has said “Hey Erika – let me know if you have any questions!”. The customer service is amazing – and the team really cares about building a great product with a clean customer experience. I love to feel special – and the folks at picplum have a way of doing that for me without even trying.

My family loves getting the photos each month – they really look forward to it and I always get elated text messages and phone calls when a new batch arrives. My fiance’ has signed up with his own account and sends photos to family back in Connecticut, Maine, and Florida – and just this month he wised up and added me to his account! I got my first batch in the mail a few weeks ago and I was so impressed! Check it out!

They come in a pretty purple envelope (excuse the iPhone photo – but awesome packaging ftw!):

And the photos are just gorgeous!

Can you tell I just think picplum is the coolest thing since sliced bread? Cause I do. I have nothing to gain from shouting from the rooftops that I love this company – I just think they’re awesome! I am a happy paying customer, and I know that will continue for the foreseeable future!

Because the guys over at picplum know that I’m a happy customer, they offered to giveaway some photo credits here on Chic Shopper Chick – which I thought was a super idea! So, if you want to try out picplum for yourself, enter to win $50 in credit – which should get you several batches of photos printed and shipped!

Don’t want to wait to get started? You can sign up for your picplum account now (and the first 5 people who sign up for picplum through Chic Shopper Chick and print and ship a batch of photos will get $10 in credit towards their next order) and if you win the giveaway, then they will just apply the credit to your account!

One last thing. I want to do a little reverse disclosure here. I am not benefiting through this write up whatsoever. I am not getting any free product, and I am not being paid by picplum. The link that you click above is not an affiliate link – it’s simply a tracking link so that we can keep track of the first 5 orders (and know who to credit the $10 to). The guys at picplum simply offered this to do this though my site because I am a crazy fan and have been vocal about my support of the company from day one.

Ok, so now the good stuff. To enter:

Bonus entries – 1 entry each (leave a separate comment for each!):
That’s it! Good luck! This contest will end on December 20, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST. No purchase necessary to enter or to win. US residents only. Winner will be chosen at random. Please enter a valid email address at time of entry. Winners have 72 hours to respond before an alternate winner is chosen.

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  1. Eric says:

    Just liked Picplum on Facebook… cool stuff!

  2. Eric says:

    Am I the only dude that liked Chic Shopper Chick on facebook? :)

  3. Katy says:

    This sounds great–my mom and MIL HATE that all my photos are digital–they want hard copies. This would totally solve that problem.

  4. Jen Meadows says:

    Liked on FB. :)

  5. Sammi says:

    liked on facebook!

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