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CoolSculpting Review: Months Later

5 Comments 12 June 2011

My daughter said the cutest thing the other day and I’ve been telling everyone who will listen – and of course, now it’s your turn. She was so excited when I told her that she could ride the carousel at the Zoo as many times as she wanted that she screamed “Oh my COW!” Her little mixup of “Oh my gosh” and “Holy Cow!” had me tickled pink. Kids say the darnedest things.

This morning it hit me – I’m getting married 5 months from today. FIVE MONTHS, friends.

Frankly all I can think is OH. MY. COW.

There is so much to do. Like, urm, a location. Like, a dress. Like honeymoonclothesandweddingringsandinvitationsandOHMYCOWjustsomuchstuff. And very little time.

Of course, I want to look amazing in my dress. I want to walk down the aisle and take Morgan’s breath away. I want him to think, at that moment, that he has never seen anyone so beautiful.

From what I hear, that takes work. So I’ve started exercising. I’m sticking to a healthy eating plan, I’m going to be working out, and I’m probably going to be complaining loudly about it until I start seeing results. Then I’ll slow down to a mild whine because while I might not like the process, I’m sure I’ll love the results.

I’ll confess though, that I’ve already had some help. Back in February I had the opportunity to try CoolSculpting – a revolutionary new procedure that helps to freeze off the fat cells and slowly help to eliminate them from your body. By slowly I mean it takes approximately 3 months to see the full results.

I was absolutely game. I’m not in the worst shape by any means – and I just needed a little extra help – nothing major. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself.

I showed up at Dr. Kinsley’s office slightly terrified but rather determined. I met with Daniel on her staff, and she walked me through the procedure and helped me to evaluate problem areas. I hate my arms, so the first thing I asked was if I could CoolSculpt them. The answer was yes. I wanted to do that FIRST. We agreed to try that and my upper back – you ladies know the area I’m talking about – even the skinniest woman can have bra rolls.

I went in terrified. I’m a big baby and I heard that this was “uncomfortable”.

They put the giant suction machine up against my arm and poof, suddenly it was all being pulled into a suction cup. It was kinda uncomfortable – but not the suction – just the fact that I had to keep my arm at a really weird angle for an hour while the machine worked it’s magic. When that hour was up, they came in to break the suction.

To me, that was the worst part. My arm was so tender that I was tempted to utter words that I normally don’t say. I actually asked if I could wipe the goop off of my arm myself because I could barely stand to touch it, much less have someone else do it for me. The staff at Dr. Kinsley’s office happily obliged and let me recover while they set me up to do the other arm. I briefly considered bowing out at this point and not doing the other one – but after calling myself a big baby in my head and reminding myself that the payoff would be worth it – I begrudgingly lifted my arm in the direction of the machine and let them smush it up against my skin again.

Overall the procedure was more than bearable, and I was so excited about seeing the results. I bruised pretty badly that time around, and when I expressed this to the staff on my next visit, they gave me some Arnica to help with the bruising the next time around. I don’t think I’m a typical patient – I tend to bruise easily – and the Arnica made all of the difference for the next go round. (By the way – the staff seemed surprised that I bruised so badly – they said most patients don’t have that same problem.)

This time I decided to CoolSculpt my tummy and hips. Dr. Kinsley’s staff was very honest and told me that the stomach is the most uncomfortable part for most people. I couldn’t imagine it could be worse than the arms, but when they turned on the machine it literally took my breath away. It was bearable, and not worthy of tears, but I was very tense and had to convince myself to relax. Dr. Kinsley’s staff stayed with me the entire time and kept reassuring me that it would subside after about 10 minutes. They were right. After about 8 minutes it was totally bearable and I was kicked back, watching Hulu.

Because of the Arnica, I had no bruising this time around. My stomach was strangely numb for about 5 days and suddenly on day 6 I was in pain. It almost felt like I was being zapped with a bunch of little electric shocks from the inside of my stomach – and it got to be so uncomfortable that I had one sleepless night. I had 2 days of am-I-crazy-what-was-I-thinking pain, however, on day 14 the pain suddenly stopped – just like they said it would. My stomach was still numb (and itched like crazy!) for almost another month – but after the 14 day period I swear I started seeing results. I still hadn’t noticed a difference with my arms or back, but even my fiance noticed the difference in my tummy and hips.

I went back in for an evaluation and the measurements confirmed that I hadn’t lost anything in my arms – as I had suspected – after about 2 months. However, it takes a full 3 months to see results and I haven’t been back quite yet. However, my tummy was a no brainer. The results are so obvious that the little bits of pain that I endured (also, I’m a big baby) are so worth it. I want to go back and have my stomach and hips done one more time before my wedding so that I can look sexy in my bridal bikini.

Overall I think CoolSculpting is a pretty amazing procedure – especially considering that it is non-invasive. I emailed them and told them that I want to be their SpokesMom! It’s the perfect procedure to firm up those problem areas that showed up post-baby that even the most strenuous workouts can’t target. Also, I have to give a huge shout-out to Dr. Kinsley’s office and especially her amazing staff (xoxo Daniel and Ashley!) who I feel like I have practically become BFFs with. They made me feel at ease, and were so incredibly accommodating throughout the entire process – I cannot thank them all enough!

So, if you’re looking to make an investment in your appearance – I would absolutely, hands down, recommend CoolSculpting as well as Dr. Kinsley. I have had an amazing experience, and I know you will too.

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  1. Carol says:

    I would love to know what your results are for your arms, after waiting the 3 month timeframe. I just did my arms today, and hoping for the best because this area has been a problem area of mine since my mid-30s. I’ve had cool sculpting on my abdomen and the back “bra-line-roll” area before, and had good results. I’m hoping it works on my arms too, especially for $1400.

  2. TonnyB says:

    Yes, I would also love further feedback about your arms.
    This is a dreaded area for me. My biceps and upper body can get really toned but still have this fat hanging from the back of my arms…. Frustrating to say the least. Keep us posted about your 3 month result. Perhaps you could get feedback from your clinic as to other positive arm results?
    Thanks and good luck with your wedding :)

  3. PAT says:

    I have had my thigh areas treated by Coolsculpting. The cost was £2400 and worth every penny.
    I wanted a non surgical solution to fat loss as I knew exercise alone was not enough.
    I had Coolsculpting 4 months ago and have lost 4″ from each thigh. They are tighter, firmer and my trousers are now loose – says it all..
    I did an Ice and fire treatment.
    Coolsculpting freezes the fat whilst the machine firesup the collogen and tightens the excess skin. Great value. not painful and amazing results.
    I would recommend it to anyone.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I had coolsclupting two months ago after losing a considerable amount of weight and not being able to make my arms or waist any smaller no matter how hard I worked out. The treatment worked brilliantly – I visited Tracey Bell in Liverpool and they offer Fire and Ice packages so offer laser as well as Zeltiq as a package – In answer to Rachel I particularly hated my ‘bingo wings’ and I’d already tried lipsosound and targeted the area in the gym. The Coolsclupting finally shifted the weight on my arms and i can now begin to see definition in my upper arm area. My ‘love handles’ have also gone. I’m going to concentrate on my legs next as i’ve always wanted a gap inbetween my upper legs when I stand with my legs together. I’d highly recommend this to anybody and I even worked on my laptop and phone throughout both treatments so could justify having a pamper later. Brilliant.

  5. Rachel says:

    Have you noticed any result in your arms yet?
    I am strongly considering getting this procedure done on my arms but haven’t heard of many people doing that particular spot.

    Thanks for your input!


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