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Spring Cleaning Your Closet with Tide and Tim Gunn {Giveaway CLOSED}

38 Comments 04 April 2011

A few weeks ago, Tide approached me with what I thought was a very cool idea – share my spring cleaning resolution for my closet and my wardrobe with my readers – and have the potential to win a trip to NYC with one of my readers for a Spring Wardrobe makeover.

Oh, and did I mention that the wardrobe makeover would be with Tim Gunn?

You see, Tide understands the importance of every woman’s individual style, and wants to help you to not only set but achieve those style resolutions during this hectic “spring cleaning” season.

So, sweet readers, I made you a (decently funny) video to share my personal resolution for my spring wardrobe, and exactly why I needed (desperately) to clean out my closet. Think awful dresses with ruffles, a plaid shirt that should have never been in my closet in the first place, and too much athletic gear – so much that I may end up tempted to wear it outside of the gym – which is my number one no-no!

My resolution this Spring is to Fight the Frump – I want to get rid of everything in my closet that doesn’t make me feel fabulous when I put it on. This way, if I stock my closet with a bunch of very streamlined choices, then I never have to worry about being the frumpy girl in the room because I’ll always look pulled together.

Thanks, Tide, for the motivation to set a spring resolution to clean out my wardrobe, and make it a much more cohesive place!

So, what is YOUR spring wardrobe resolution? If you share your resolution with me in the comments, you will be entered to win a trip to NYC for your very own spring wardrobe makeover with Tim Gunn, courtesy of Tide!

Yes. You read that right.

So leave your resolution in the comments, and you could be schmoozing and discussing cuts, lines, and color with Tim Gunn in NYC before you know it! Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tide. All opinions are, always have been, and always will be my own – but you knew that already, didn’t you? ;)

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38 Comments so far

  1. kristin says:

    You are so cute!! I totally agree about my hit list, I feel like I’m always wearing the same things. but as I get new things I stop wearing the old. It is odd..I feel you on the classic pieces.

  2. Tammi says:

    Awe – sorry – I see it’s closed now….
    Did you announce who won??

  3. Tammi says:

    I recently lost almost 30lbs, so that means I have a closet full of clothes that are too big = dumpy and frumpy.
    Sure, I have smaller sized clothes {somewhere under the stairs}, but I wore those before I had my twins {AKA, pre-twin-tummy}. So, they don’t fit like they did before. :(
    My Spring resolution is to dump the frumpy 30lbs-more clothes and surround myself with fresh, fabulous clothes that celebrate where I am and my accomplishments.
    I need some motivation to get out of the blogger-sweatpants and gym attire and show off who I am!
    P.S, I still have the ‘hammer pants’ and Blossom-inspired hat that I made in Grade 9 home-ec class. And, I live in a pony-tail!

    To Tide, Tim Gunn and ChicShopperChick – thank you for this incredible opportunity, the winner will be thrilled!
    Good luck to all!!

  4. @Lauren

    Thanks so much for the tips on shoes! I’m definitely going to check out the website!!

  5. CanCan says:

    My resolution is to bring sexy back. HECKS YEAH! I’m 31, my kids are 3 and 6, and I’m quitting my job in June in order to free lance full time. Mama needs to WERK IT LIKE ITS WORTH IT! *whip sound*

  6. Barb Pribble says:

    Spring resolution for Fashion – Comfort – Color – and Wow. I’ll stop taking other peoples old clothes. How many white T-shirts can one person have!
    I’ll “make it work” with a few choice pieces, but will keep my rubber sandals. Thanks for the chance to make a change.

  7. Lauren says:

    Also – the folks at Arthur Beren carry from a 4A to 12D, so this might help you too Vita! :)

  8. Lauren says:

    @Christy Chachere:
    Shoes were the hardest part for me! I’m 25 and after college I was clueless as to what the heck I could wear for shoes all day long. I suggest the Cole Haan air, Stuart Weitzman mid-heels, and a good pair of flats (I like Ferragamo Varinas, but they are an investment)!

    I’m in California and the folks at Arthur Beren were so helpful to me…they have a website, though you definitely need to weed through. Worth checking out!!

  9. Susan Whelan says:

    I just took several bags to Goodwill, but my resolution is to continue weeding out old business attire that I don’t need. I am also going to iron everything that has been hanging on the ironing board and organize my closet (it’s pretty organized already but I need to make sure spring/summer clothes are accessible and winter clothes are at the back of the closet). Otherwise, I’m in search of one great black dress that I can wear to meet with clients- stylish yet professional.

  10. Jen says:

    So I think I generally look cute when I go to work but as I stand in my bedroom today sorting my laundry I realized I have three loads…black dress pants, black/gray toned dress shirts and comfy black pants/t-shirts for workout/hang out clothes. I desperately need help getting color into my wardrobe! I am starting to rethink the looking cute each day…perhaps I am just looking the same each day :).I have been out of high school for over 10 years and yes…I still have some high school shirts lurking around. So that gives you an idea of just how much help I need. But after the clothes comes the shoes…don’t get me started on my shoes. I have one black pair and one brown, in the same style. This brings shame to the female kind. Did I mention I own bib overalls :(.

  11. I’m finally getting rid of the bridesmaids dresses that have been hanging around like an old boyfriend and replacing them with fabulousness.

  12. Vita says:

    I just did a google search for Tide and Tim Gunn, looking for some of Tim Gunn’s tips and was very lucky to stumble onto this fabulous contest.

    My resolution is to develop a professional wardrobe. I will be graduating university in a couple of months and would love to celebrate the completion of my student life with a new, polished and professional look. As 4’10” curvy female, I find shopping for clothes really frustrating as items often do not fit well and thus make me look frumpy (I also have really small, wide feet and so it’s hard for me to find any shoes that fit…but that’s another story). I have been in school (and dressing like a schoolgirl) for a long time, and I have recently undergone some weight changes, so I am at a loss as to how to accentuate my features and new figure with clothing and accessories. My style incompetence is sabotaging the years that I spent on my education (and, uh, probably sabotaging my dating life too)!

    I am a huge Tim Gunn fan (I just watched him an hour ago on a re-run of Guide to Style and I currently have Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work out from the library. And who doesn’t love Project Runway?). I am just not sure how to translate his suggestions to fit my body type and lifestyle. I would be extremely honoured to receive his guidance on how to work with my hard-to-fit body type.

    Thank you Tide, Tim Gunn and ChicShopperChick for offering us this incredible opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  13. Adele Tiblier says:

    My spring cleaning closet resolution is to treat my beloved shoes with the utmost respect, that with which they truly deserve (but do not get). I will no longer toss them carelessly into the back of my closet as I return home from a long day of work or kick them off with no regard for their well-being; aimlessly to the back of what then becomes the pit of pedial despair. Yes the clothes are important, too, but the shoes are what it’s all about.

    So this Spring, no more! No more foul words as I dive to the dark back corner of the closet searching for the “other shoe”. Not this year, this year they will stay neatly aligned – always paired and ready for wear.

  14. Loved the article and idea! My spring wardrobe resolution is to work on buying more outfit pieces when I buy clothes. I often say, “Hey I like that shirt” then I buy it, but I don’t have a sweater to wear it with, the right pants, heels, or jewelry. I end up with alot of great shirts, but struggle with figuring out how to wear them and with what.

  15. My Spring Wardrobe Resolution is to BUY a spring wardrobe! No, seriously, I am terrible about changing with seasons and tend to wear the same earth tones and longer sleeves that I wear all the time! I need to get some warmer-weather clothes with more vibrant colors.

  16. Katie says:

    My wardrobe resolution is to wear more vintage! It’s defiantly back in style, fits my body type and is earth friendly!

  17. Lauren R says:

    My resolution is to throw out all of my “fat girl clothes” and stock the closet with clothes that make me look and feel good. But I’ll need Tim Gunn’s help with what really looks good on me!!! :)

  18. stephanie reams says:

    My resolution is to add a little color to my life. When I open my closet I feel like I am opening up Johnny Bravos wardrobe. A dark abyss of black t-shirts,workout clothes, and dresses. I have so much black…and it’s not all flattering. I would love to have someone show me how to compliment my lily white skin and strawberry blonde hair. I personally and hard pressed to find many natural redheads in the fashion world. We are seldom represented in general magazines or tv actresses. So….yeah, my resolution is to add color in my life by adding color to my wardrobe…p.s. i love me some Erika!

  19. Aimee says:

    My spring closet resolution is to stop fearing stepping into my closet, get in there, and clean it out. Transitioning from a corporate job to a not-so-corporate job, I have a ton of clothes that simply don’t make sense. Even with the corporate job, they made no sense. I’m the epitome of “I have a ton of clothes, but I have nothing to wear”. I would also like to implement the out with the old, in with the new and if-a-new-item-goes-into-the-closet then an-old-item-must-come-out. I have a serious issue with this. Clothes hoarder? Perhaps.

  20. I did my resolution today. I went through and finally threw out all my jogging pants. I was depending on them way too much, taking the girls to school, going to the grocery store, doing to the post office. Just because I am a mom, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to put a little prep into my daily wardrobe. Here’s to a new beginning!

  21. Lauren Bush says:

    My spring wardrobe resolution is to find/wear things that fit me! I have clothes that I haven’t worn or been able to fit into in years (that have moved several times with me), clothes that are too short for me (I’m 5’10”), and things that just aren’t age appropriate for me. Being 26, I feel like I am stuck somewhere between the juniors and misses departments…ugh! I am also finding it difficult to dress for work. I was recently promoted to the Director of a well known childcare center, but find it a challenge to dress for work when I get covered in all sorts of stuff every day! Please help me find my style!

  22. Corin Brouillette says:

    I just turned 25 and have decided that I need a wardrobe that is more age appropriate. I am up for a management position at work, and I have no idea where to start.

  23. Melissa says:

    My spring resolution is to throw out the tshirts and cotton capris and find some clothes that flatter my body but are still comfortable enough for someone living with chronic illness. A challenge that probably only Tim Gunn could solve :)

  24. Jeanne says:

    This spring I only will wear things that look good on me not just stuff that is OK. I’m tired of just looking OK and have decided to make more of a concerted effort to dress better.

  25. Ok so now that I have finally slimmed down after baby #3 I am resolving to dress more age appropriate and flattering to my “new curves” ;) I am getting rid of all my dorky tees ( I’m with Mr. Big, Little Miss Sunshine and Tootsie Roll to name a few lol) and sticking to classics, colors that flatter and cuts that are modernly modest if that makes sense ;)

  26. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I’m doing it right now, I am donating half of what is in my wardrobe to charity.

  27. girlymama says:

    my resolution is to stop buying so much – and to really focus on buying just a few nice things i love! i have a few investment pieces i have my eye on for the year ;-) thsi week, i’m planning to clean out my closet and get rid of things that don’t fit or i don’t wear.

    i’d love to hang out in nyc with you again!!

  28. Marilyn Wons says:

    My Spring Wardrobe resolution is to give away clothes and shoes that I have not worn in the last two years!

  29. I am so fashion challenged. I would be so ashamed if anyone would look in my closet. I still have clothes in there from the 90’s that are so not in style. My husband even says Jen, I know you are not going to wear that. I that is my problem though, I do know what is fashionable and what is not. I would LOVE a makeover and who better than to do it than the most awesome Tim Gunn!

    Dream come true and be a huge shock to my husband who I could surprise with a new fashion sense.

  30. Julie B. says:

    I desperately need a wardrobe makeover! I am a stay at home mom and feel that I look so frumpy all the time! I live in jeans and comfy clothes. My resolution is to rediscover the style that I had 10yrs ago, before kids! I want to feel sexy again and want to love looking at myself in the mirror again! I also want that sparkle in my husband’s eyes back when he looks at me. I really need to start caring about my looks again. I always put my kids first and buy them the newest most stylish clothes, but not myself. We don’t have the extra $ for me to spoil myself too. This would bring my self esteem up so much and make me happier about myself. I need this to motivate me! I look at other moms and they always look so well put together. I just cannot achieve this. HELP!!!!!!!

  31. Kelly McGrath says:

    My spring wardrobe resolution is to actually step out of my comfort zone and be daring yet classic with my spring wardrobe. I tend to gravitate towards the same colors – black, gray and any shade of it in between. I don’t want to have to stand in front of my closet for 30 minutes each night trying to figure out what to wear or say to myself “If I only had a cute pair of shoes to go with this outfit or a belt would make this top pop a little more.” I read a variety of articles stating that every woman should have a few staple pieces in her wardrobe. I feel like I do but still can’t mix and match them to create new outfits. Tim Gunn I need you to help me go from a mom, to career diva to a night on the town with my hubby all with the same “staple” pieces in my spring wardrobe. Can this be done?

  32. Ellen-TCMom says:

    I need this so bad, my closet is 3/4 clothes that fit my pre-kids body, the one that was stick straight with no curves. My resolution is to give those clothes a new home that just because they are great pieces doesn’t mean I should keep them since they are no longer great for me.

  33. I am graduating college in December and have recently been hired for an event planning company. Well, you know being a college sorority girl that most of my clothes consist of tanks, shorts, skinny jeans, a million t-shirts (wish I was kidding), nike shorts, and too many clothes from high school that I haven’t gotten rid of.


    I was informed at my job that the attire for most events are suits, skirts, dresses and basically everything I don’t own. Yes, I do have the skirts and dresses that I go out in but I don’t think I would impress my boss if I wore them to a 50th wedding anniversary or anything of the like.

    OH! They also said COMFORTABLE shoes are required!? Are you kidding?! Any shoe I have to match a dressy outfit are heels that kill me after 4 hours. Finding cute AND comfortable shoes will be a HUGE challenge.

    So, my resolution is to make my closet into an age-appropriate, professional-appropriate classy and fashionable closet (whew!)

    This girl needs some help!!!

  34. I have a bunch of things that “just need a new button” or “just need a new hem” or “just need to be TOSSED!” I also have apparently been shopping two sizes two big since I had my daughter in an attempt to hide my problem areas. Talk about frumpy! I am going to stop dressing like a Mom and start dressing like the sassy sexy successful professional woman that I am.

  35. Dawn says:

    My spring wardrobe resolutions are to wear more season appropriate dresses and colors (get outta here, black!), and to finally throw out my beat down purple flats that don’t add class to any outfit.

    P.S. I actually love that dress in your video. You know where to send it when you get rid of it, right? ;)

  36. Cherie Gilfillan says:

    My resolution is to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit. (After three kids over the last four years, there is a LOT of stuff that falls into that category!) I have my pre-maternity wardrobe which I think is a dream to ever fit in again. Then there’s the “I’m not pregnant but nothing fits right” wardrobe. Finally we have the maternity clothes. Unfortunately they are all mixed together. Nothing fits right. So, a wardrobe makeover for fabulous clothes that actually fit . . . sounds great to me!!!!

  37. Elizabeth_N says:

    MY SPRING CLEANING resolution is so needed. I havent gone through my closet in forever. I have so many thinks that are not the right size. I even have maternity clothes in my closet….shhhh… youngest IS FOUR!!!! #help

  38. Lindsey B says:

    My spring closest resolution would be to fill my closet with only things that fit. This means, pack up the maternity clothes, pack up the prepregnancy clothes that no longer fit right (how are all of my shirts too short now?) and fill my closet with cute staples that are easy to throw together so I can ensure I look decent when I leave the house!

    It’s easy to stop buying things for myself (and only buy sweet smocked clothing for Kate) because my stomach is squishy, my girls are saggy, and my body shape has changed. But, I need to remember that momma deserves to look cute and put together as well!!

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