Game Time! Game On!

3 Comments 30 January 2010

My daughter turns 3 on Tuesday. Oh, how it pains me to say that. When we were deciding on a date for her birthday party, we decided on Sunday January 31st. Why? Well, because February 7th, the week after her birthday, had a slight conflict. We didn’t dare place it during that weekend – just […]

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Girlfriend Getaway with Holiday Inn

1 Comment 29 January 2010

Have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn? As a frequent traveler, I have had the opportunity to stay at quite a few of them. They are typically reasonably priced and they are really in almost every location you could ever want to stay at. Of course, when I’m booking my own hotel, my qualifiers […]

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Beauty, Skincare

Mystic Tan. To Spray or Not To Spray.

6 Comments 11 January 2010

Ok, I know I’m supposed to be the expert here, but I need a little help. I have this Mardi Gras Ball coming up very soon, and well, my skin is so pale that you can practically see through it. I plan to wear a strapless dress. It’s a grey dress which won’t do much […]

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Fashion & Style, Featured

The Post Where I Discuss Lingerie. (Sorry, Dad.)

8 Comments 10 January 2010

If you’ve read anything that I’ve written, especially over the past year, you know that I love fashion and style. I love getting dressed up, feeling confident in what I’m wearing and how I’m wearing it, and helping other women to feel the same way. My mantra is that “no one can take their eyes […]

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Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Featured, Travel

More Bubbles and Bubbly Fun

3 Comments 06 January 2010

So remember how, back in October, Wisk HE brought me to my second home, New York City, for a little bubbles and bubbly shindig? I had a blast with some amazing people and learned all about bubbles- when you need them, when you don’t. (more…)

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Fashion & Style, Featured, Shoes

Update Your Winter Wardrobe (AKA – Look Christy, You’re Internet Famous!)

2 Comments 04 January 2010

I have awesome friends. I’m not sure why, but they keep coming back for more. They put up with my fickle phone skills and know-it-all personality for reasons I have yet to determine. Of course, this makes them all the more awesome. When my longtime friend Christy told me at brunch the other day that […]

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Fashion & Style, Featured

Spring 2010 Trends: Go Red

2 Comments 03 January 2010

Red. It conjures up all sorts of images, doesn’t it? Power. Anger. Rage. Love. Red is sexy, alluring, bold – it pulls people in and announces, in no uncertain terms, that you are unafraid of confrontation. Or of power, anger, rage, or even love, for that matter. (more…)

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Fashion & Style

Haikus Are Easy

2 Comments 02 January 2010

Oh man. I tweeted about this shirt earlier today because I love it so much, but I felt it deserved it’s own post. Haikus are easy But sometimes they don’t make sense Refrigerator * * * (more…)

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