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Get The Look: Vampire Diaries

9 Comments 07 November 2009

As if I needed one more television show on the CW to be obsessed with – I started watching Vampire Diaries this week when someone told me about the show – and I have been downloading all of the episodes from iTunes. I’m starting to realize no show on the CW is complete without incredible fashion (

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  1. Demneted Prodigy says:

    Actually…those are the same jackets by KRMA,except that the cream colored jacket is actually the “Jade” cotton jacket while the other one is the exact same but leather…you can check it out on the CW shop……i am absolutely in love with those jackets

  2. Yeah I agree. Those are the excact same jackets:)

  3. MS says:

    I dont think the picture to the right is a Candela bomber jacket, it got the same riffles up over the arm and across the back as the KRMA jacket, and it also have buttons on top at the neck, and over the stomack. so i think the bright one’s also a KRMA jacket, jut in an other color :) what ya think?

  4. Adeline Tam says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if you could find out what jacket Elena was wearing in Episode 10 – Turning Point. It’s a black blazer with 3 buttons at the front and a mini pocket near the lapel. Thanks!

  5. Martha Payne says:

    wow, I have been under a rock. I haven’t even heard of this show! Fabulous clothes! I’ll have to check this out being that I’m one of those vampire-ish fans.

  6. this cool stylish vampire diaries jacket looks great.

  7. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I guess I’m not into Vampires anymore, but I sure was as a little girl. I would sneek out of bed at night and turn the TV on very low and sit close and watch old black and white vampire movies on school nights. However, my mom never had any problems getting me up for school the next day. I even pretended sometimes to be a vampire, and had this one crazy girl at grade school believing it for over a year. How stupid and weird I was back then, ahh well, grew out of it and the vampire groupie thing.

  8. That is a pretty Bad Ass jacket! I wonder where I can get it for less?


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