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Anna Sui Designs Gossip-Worthy Line for Target

10 Comments 07 July 2009

The fall of 2007 was my very last semester teaching, and it was a semester that I found myself teaching French at an all-girls Catholic high school. I actually loved teaching all girls, and found that forging a bond with the young women whom I taught was a natural thing that helped me to gain their trust but also their respect. It wasn’t long before the September air began to cool down, and the jitters and buzz surrounding the first major test of the semester began to work itself into a near frenzy. My big test, however, had competition. The premier of a TV show called Gossip Girl (which, the girls impatiently told me, was based on a VERY popular series of books) was coming on the night before the test…so how in the WORLD would they have time to study?!

Since I fancied myself a good teacher, I did what anyone in my shoes would do…I watched the premiere. Oh yeah, and I was totally embarrassed to say that I LOVED it. Naturally the girls screamed in delight when I went back to school and admitted to them that I had watched it, and begrudgingly admitted that I actually enjoyed it. A lot.

I don’t teach those girls anymore. Actually, I don’t teach anymore at all. But I still watch the show, and, um, I’ve seen every single episode.

I think the word I’m looking for is “addict”…

Gossip Girl is a delicious escape for me from everything that is “supposed” to be in the world. They aren’t affected by a recession, and the fashion on the show certainly proves that they aren’t restricted by their bank accounts. Of course, it’s the fashion that I love almost as much as the rollercoaster plotline. Each ensemble fits the character’s personality to a “t” – I swear I wait each week to see the clothes just as anxiously as I await Blair’s latest scheme.

Naturally, I was so excited to see that Anna Sui was tapped to design a “Gossip Girl” inspired line for Target to be released in mid-September. There are 19 looks in all, in 4 distinct categories. There are the Blair’s, the Serena’s, the Jenny’s, and the Vanessa’s. Check ’em out below — which fits you best? And what do you think? I think some of the looks, especially the white lace “Blair” dress, is dead on.

The "Blair" Look

The "Blair" Look

The "Jenny" look

The "Jenny" look

The "Vanessa" Look

The "Vanessa" Look

The "Serena" Look

The "Serena" Look

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10 Comments so far

  1. Sara says:

    I also heart Gossip Girl. The ultimate guilty pleasure!! Great clothes, especially the boots on the Vanessa line. Are they going to do a men’s line? What would be better than the preppy look of the Chuck Bass bowtie?

  2. Jen says:

    I’ve never watched an episode, being the mom of two boys, but looking at these photos…I’m missing out. How cute. And j’adore Target. Ok, I’ll watch the show, if I can ever get the remote back. LOL

  3. Elisa says:

    I, too, checked out Gosspi Girl, and became addicted to it. And I’m still a little ashamed to admit that. I am SO excited about the Anna Sui line for Target! Now I just have to figure out how to get some of the pieces sent to Switzerland ;-)

    I’m surprised of how much I like the Jenny looks, since I don’t normally love her outfits on the show – and several of the Blair looks are great too! I’m also surprised I don’t like ANY of the Serena looks, since she is usually my favorite on the show!

  4. I’m a total Vanessa. TOTAL. Serena is pretty spot on but I can’t get over those random shorts thingies. The Vanessa palette is so not me though, so I’m putting on dark glasses and pretending they’re all charcoal.

  5. Jen Hinton says:

    Ok this may be telling a little about myself but not sure since I do not watch the show. I like the Serena look mixed with a splash of Blair!

  6. Laura Taff says:

    I don’t watch gossip girl, but the clothes look adorable. Its nice that an affordable place like Target will carry them. They look like they could be in a retail store that charges much more, don’t they?


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