Diane Birch’s Debut Album – “Bible Belt” {Giveaway CLOSED}

28 Comments 05 June 2009

Back in March while I was at SXSW I was invited to a private luncheon and concert with hot new artist Diane Birch. The luncheon invite was courtesy of One2One Network and was organized my my good friends Arianne and Lindsay. I had been noticing the buzz around Diane build for several weeks, and I was really excited to get the chance to hear her perform when she was still in the early stages of her career. You know, it’s a total “I can say I heard her way back when…” kinda moment. My expectations of the experience were FAR exceeded. I was actually blown away, and perhaps even the teensiest bit jealous that any one person can be blessed with so much talent. Her soulful voice took me back to a time period that I’m too young to have lived in — and I loved every second of it. Oh, and did I mention her acapella backup singers – no mics, just one amazingly full sound.

Diane Burch Erika Lehmann

Did I mention I was impressed? Cause um, yeah, I was.

Ok, so her debut “Bible Belt” just dropped on Tuesday, and it’s fantastic. Seriously, I have been jamming out to it for over a month (yes, I’m special and had an copy of it before it dropped – don’t hate me too much) and I can’t get enough. I would even venture to place her as one of my new favorite artists – actually that’s quite a big deal for me to say because I don’t take my love affair with music lightly. My favorite tracks from her CD include “Fools”, “Nothing But A Miracle”, “Rewind”, and “Mirror Mirror”. I truly had a hard time picking just a few, though, because I love the entire CD – I just leave it on repeat. It seems that I’m not the only one who is smitten with Diane’s sound – “Bible Belt” was in the Top 10 on iTunes on the day it was released! Clearly she is already a success, and trust me, her star is not going to stop shining anytime soon.

Wanna experience this amazing new artist for yourself? S-Curve Records and Diane Birch are working together to present Discover & Donate. The way it works is simple — spend some time in the “Bible Belt” by purchasing Diane’s soulful sound and then choose one of six charities to receive a $1 donation from your purchase. The charities are all very worthy – I found it hard to choose just one, but in the end I chose my cause to be March Of Dimes – so if you buy Diane’s album through the link below, $1 of your purchase will be donated to March of Dimes. Feel free to grab the widget for yourself, and share it with others as well – because whomever raises the most money for charity through their widget by June 23, 2009, wins a free concert in their hometown! The opportunity to raise money for a worthy charity, to support an artist trying to do something good with her success, and to win a hometown concert are all on the table – so start sharing this great opportunity!

Win It! Would you like to win a copy of Bible Belt? Thanks to One2One Network I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky Chic Shopper Chick reader. To enter, visit Diane’s Discover & Donate page, and tell me something you learned about this incredible new artist that I didn’t mention above. Bonus entries available if you choose your own widget and display it on your blog or site. If you do so, please leave me an additional comment letting me know. This contest is open to the US only, and will end on June 13, 2009. Good luck!

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  1. Charlene Kuser says:

    Posted widget for autism on my Facebook (Charlene Kuser)

  2. Gianna says:

    She’s a preacher’s kid from Michigan :)

  3. Charlene Kuser says:

    Diane’s upbringing exposed her to a variety of locations and cultures around the globe. She had the chance to see people who are experiencing the best of life but also those in need

  4. kathy p says:

    Diane’s upbringing exposed her to a variety of locations and cultures around the globe. She had the chance to see people who are experiencing the best of life but also those in need. Now, with her debut album being released

  5. Veronica Garrett says:

    Her father is a preacher.

  6. Carolyn Ireland says:

    “Rise Up” was downloaded over 500,000 times!

  7. Linda Howard says:

    She’s the daughter of a preacher.

  8. Christine says:

    I Learned that her recent iTunes Single of the Week called “Rise Up” was downloaded over 500,000 times.

  9. Marianna says:

    I learned that she spent many years in Zimbabwe as a child!

  10. Ed Nemmers says:

    She lived in Zimbabwe in her early years.

  11. Jennifer says:

    She’s the daughter of a preacher

  12. galena penrod says:

    born in michigan to a preacher an wrote her own songs

  13. Erma says:

    I learned that she was born in Michigan.

  14. Mimi the kitten says:

    She’s what, in seminary, we called a PK – preacher’s kid. :-)

  15. Mandi says:

    She wrote all of the songs on her album!

  16. Lindsay says:

    Hey Girly! I’m so glad you had fun at the lunch, that’s one of my favorite memories of Diane performing. It was really neat to see those boys back her up aca pella. Don’t enter me in the giveaway, just wanted to say great post, and thanks for sharing your Diane love!

  17. sandy says:

    she is from michigan

  18. vickie says:

    That she’s a preacher’s kid from Michigan!

  19. john ferris says:

    She is a daughter of a preacher.

  20. I learned that Diane lived in Zimbabwe when she was a child.

  21. Amanda H. says:

    She originally only saw herself as a pianist and it wasn’t until a friend talked her into singing classes that she became a singer/songwriter. She is so talented!

  22. I have her widget on my website (

  23. I learned that she was born in Michigan but she spent many years in Zimbabwe.

    Thank you – I’ve been searching for a giveaway of her CD. Keeping my fingers crossed……

  24. Erin says:

    She’s the daughter of a preacher!

  25. Kimberly says:

    I Learned that her recent iTunes Single of the Week called “Rise Up” was downloaded over 500,000 times.


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