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Oh la la avec 3 Pommes!

5 Comments 25 March 2009

Hey! It’s Amy Halleran here from Beyond JEMS (@BeyondJEMS) with a guest post for Chic Shopper Chick! When Erika accepted my offer to guest post, I had to study up on what may suit her and her readers. Lucky for me, it was an easy find. In honor of all things, French, Parisienne and Towerish, […]

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5 Minutes To Fabulous!

12 Comments 24 March 2009

Finding time in the morning for make-up can be a real challenge for many women. Whether you’re a mom, or a working girl, or just not a morning person (like me), we’ve all been there – sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the morning! But, getting your face ready for the day doesn’t have […]

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Chic Style On A Shoestring Budget With Old Navy

16 Comments 23 March 2009

When I was packing for Disney World, I realized that all of my summer clothes, mainly my shorts, didn’t fit. They were all 2 sizes too big. Granted, I’m not one to complain about losing weight, but I did realize that if I didn’t wanna look like a bum that I was going to have […]

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My Week – Keeps Kids Organized {Giveaway CLOSED}

98 Comments 22 March 2009

I absolutely love to be organized. To know what goes where, who needs to be where/when — it makes me happy. Very happy. If you know me well enough, you are probably laughing at the above statement, even though it’s true. See, the issue is that while I might like the organization and the structure, […]

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HUGE Sale At Hayden-Harnett – Run, wallet, RUN!

3 Comments 21 March 2009

My friend Lindsay JUST emailed me today with news of this sale, because she and I are both obsessed with Hayden-Harnett. Honestly, when I saw her email, I felt completely confused and out of it — how could there be THIS big of a sale and I didn’t know about it? Have I been under […]

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Spring Break for Families – Sandestin, FL

18 Comments 20 March 2009

There are several benefits to living in the South. One is that you can wear flip flops almost all year round. Another is that convertibles only have a couple of useless months. Yet another is smelling barbeque in the air around your neighborhood almost every Sunday. One of the best perks, though, has to be […]

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Skin is In!

3 Comments 20 March 2009

Music Skins, that is. (What? You clicked, didn’t you?) When I was at SxSW (thanks to my friends at Tiny Prints), my friends Tara, Christine, and Lori introduced me to the owners of Music Skins – and I discovered what a cool product these guys had! Music Skins come in all kinds of cool designs, […]

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Fashion & Style

Fashion is Life!

11 Comments 19 March 2009

I had an incredible week at SXSW Interactive (a huge shout out to Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas for sponsoring me!) hanging out with some of my closest friends, and meeting lots and lots of new ones. I learned a ton, and did I mention that I had a blast? Cause I totally did. […]

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Chic Tunes Tuesday

8 Comments 10 March 2009

Panic mode has settled in. I’m leaving in 48 hours for SxSWi and um, I’m SO not ready. I’ve been slowly gathering and planning a reasonable wardrobe for warmish weather for around 3 weeks now, and yesterday my friend Arianne casually says to me “You know it’s going to be chilly and rainy, right?” (more…)

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My latest obsession…

6 Comments 09 March 2009

Today I was playing procrastinating working when I started thinking that I really do need a new laptop bag. I want a stylish one, not just any ole bag off from any ole place, because I’m picky and prissy like that. So I was hanging around on Twitter, shootin’ the breeze with my tweeples, when […]

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Your Best Face Forward! {Giveaway CLOSED}

213 Comments 08 March 2009

When I was 16 years old, everyone thought I was so much older than I actually was. People made comments about it all the time (“Oh my GOODNESS you’re ONLY 16?! Wow, are your parents in trouble!”), and occasionally men in their late 20’s would ask me on dates or worse, make inappropriate comments to […]

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Have Your Cake, But Don’t Eat It!

12 Comments 06 March 2009

Hello all! Sarah here again with another great baby product! Have you all seen how adorable Diaper Cakes are? I had heard of them, but when an amazing creation by Diaper Cakewalk showed up on my doorstep I was completely blown away. These things are precious! Diaper Cakes make an amazing addition to any baby […]

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Hippity Hoppity!

10 Comments 03 March 2009

Easter’s on it’s way! I had the same Easter basket each year as I was growing up, and I’m thinking of starting the same tradition with Little AG by buying her one of these adorable personalized Easter baskets from Pottery Barn kids. Made of wicker, they come in 2 sizes and you can choose a […]

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Handbag Lust

14 Comments 02 March 2009

I’m suffering from a major case of handbag lust today. If you’re not sure what in the world I’m talking about, handbag lust is that feeling that comes over me quite suddenly when I see a bag that I just MUST have or else. I try talking myself out of it, telling myself that buying […]

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