2008 – Oh What a Year!

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2008 was a fantastic year for me, as it marked the start of my stint as a stay-at-home mom. Notably, it also began my foray into the world of Social Media, and my love-affair with blogging. I went from a high-school French teacher on a semi-permanent hiatus to a Hot Blogger Calendar Girl in a mere 6 months. Not bad for a small town girl from Louisiana, right? Read on to discover some of my favorite posts and products from 2008! (All links will open in a separate window.)

* * *

In April 2008 I woke in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. Thinking that some reading or internet shopping would help me get back to sleep faster, I discovered an alternative to my internet shopping — writing about internet shopping! So, on that sleepless night in April I set up my new account on Blogger and wrote my inaugural post – short but sweet – and 2 hours later crawled back into bed with a tinge of excitement. That month proved to be my most prolific month thus far, and some of my favorite products from that month were the French Lullabies CD, Wooden Stacker from FAO Schwarz, and my ultimate favorite Dior Show Mascara.

* * *

In May 2008 I fell in love with Dyson Vacuum cleaners and the satisfying lines that it creates on my carpet. I also had the distinct honor of being added to the Shopping Section of Alltop, and confessed that I am completely enamored with the fabulous bath products from LUSH. Little AG and I had a “ball” in this awesome indoor playset which we still play in every day. To top it all off, I had my very first custom blog design created for Chic Shopper Chick, and introduced the little illustrated gal in the pink dress who has since become a personal brand of sorts!

* * *

Then June 2008 arrived and brought it’s typical sweltering Louisiana heat, but hubby swept Little AG and I away with him on a business trip to Washington DC, where we actually needed a jacket at night. We fell in love with our new CARES Harness which kept Little AG safe on the airplane, even though we got hassled while trying to use it. I discovered the most amazingly soft, comfortable, and stylish organic clothing and lusted after the perfect bathing suit. I also confessed my slight obsession with cosmetics and fashion when I told you about my beauty bible.

* * *

July 2008 was the month I had been waiting for – we went to Europe! I still have a folder on my computer full of hilarious videos that I took with my adorable Flip Ultra that are waiting to be uploaded to Facebook. Our first stop was in London where were saw the musical Wicked. While we were making our way to Paris and then the French Riviera, Sarah weighed the pros and cons of Crocs, Jen told you about some adorable personalized creations, and Kristin helped you figure out some ways to make traveling with kids a little bit easier. When, sadly, I was forced to pry my body off of the pebbly beaches and leave the bliss that is the French Riviera, I returned home to share with you some of my experiences in Europe, including finding these adorable French plates for kids, and my take on the perfect stroller to travel to Europe with.

* * *

In August 2008 you could find me Blogging the Recession along with others across the blogosphere. I re-discovered my love of quirky French products, celebrated my 26th birthday, suggested a few cool gadgets for your kitchen, and asked for your nominations for the Hot Blogger Calendar. I was thankful on the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, even though I was in the midst of making preparations to evacuate with my family away from Hurricane Gustav.

* * *

September 2008 had me begging asking for your votes, and then discovering that I had indeed won a spot in the 2009 Hot Blogger Calendar. We returned home from our Hurricane Gustav evacuation and I discovered a cool, tech-savvy way to keep myself organized. I debated the pros and cons of having a personal blog though I’m still not sure what conclusion I’ve come to. We flew out to Las Vegas so that I could attend Blog World Expo, and, in what is by far my funniest post to date, managed to lose our “Sexy Mini Van” in the parking garage at the Venitian.

* * *

In October 2008 we wrapped up a big family trip to Disney World (though I neglected to blog about it), and I flew to New York City for the Hot Blogger Calendar Photo Shoot. When I arrived in New York, I discovered that Jet Blue had lost my luggage and I sat in a McDonalds in Times Square, twittering my plight and just generally being a blubbering mess. They did find it eventually, and I soothed myself by shopping for toys for Little AG. I confessed my secret to perfectly styled hair, professed to the world that I’m a Mac user, gave away a Pink Dyson, and daydreamed about being back in Paris. Oh, and I finally moved my blog over to WordPress, though I lost most of my comments in the process.

* * *

November 2008 was the month when I finally got around to posting all of the details of the Hot Blogger Calendar Photo Shoot, including meeting some of my favorite people for the first time. It was also the month of Christmas Gift Guide craziness, but in the process I found the most fashionable ear buds ever, the most stylish grocery bags, and the coolest book on the planet! I shared my favorite Yule Log recipe, admitted to using only natural bath products for Little AG, and was so excited when our new Elf on the Shelf joined our family at Thanksgiving.

* * *

In December 2008 I helped a friend find the perfect nursery bedding for her new addition when I spotlighted an adorable new line. I also discovered the most gorgeous jewelry line, some modern, stylish lunch bags that will make your handbag jealous, and found a smart toy that really grows with your child. Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye, and then we rang in the start of a new year – 2009!

* * *

I want to thank you, my readers, friends, and family for your support and for making Chic Shopper Chick such a success in 2008. Here’s hoping that 2009 is just as great, if not even better!

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  1. Elisa says:

    Happy New Year! May 2009 bring you even more joy and success :-)

  2. Sandra says:

    Congrats on such a successful year! I just found you in a round about way through I am so amazed by your journey. How do I go from a hot English teacher to a hot blogger/social media maven and appear in a calendar??? ; )

  3. kristin says:

    I loved 2008, it’s so funny looking bcak. Why did you never blog about Disney World? While you and I were on vacation this summer I came back hoping to get updates.
    2009 will you please remind Erika to blog about her life? We LOVE reading it!

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