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2 Comments 19 October 2008

I’d like to applaud Microsoft for their great effort with their new “I’m a PC” commercials. Some of them are great, and I like watching them. I’ve read that sales and searches for new PCs have even increased slightly. However, I am a Mac girl, through and through. I switched to a Mac a little over 3 years ago and at first I hated it because it was so different from what I was used to. After a month I realized it was just breaking bad habits, and that everything on a Mac was actually easier for me to access and understand. I’ve been a Mac girl since that moment, and I can honestly say I’ll never switch back to a PC.

At one point my Mac did have some serious issues — I had my optical drive and logic board replaced twice. However, when it works, it works. There are no issues with the computer freezing, no programs (except for the Microsoft ones!) ever encounter fatal errors and “have to close”, and there is no such thing as Ctrl Alt Del (that command doesn’t even work on a Mac!) However, Apple took care of me, and when my computer wasn’t functioning properly, they sent me a new MacBook on them. What other company do you know that has that kind of customer service?

So, that is why hubby and I (he’s also now a convert!) cracked up laughing when we saw this commercial today. Great response to all the new “I’m a PC” ads. Way to go Apple! You will laugh too, even if you are a PC!

So tell me, what are you? Are you a Mac? Or are you a PC?

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  1. Michael says:

    Hey Erika! It is MIchael from St. Tammany Playground. Great site. I will put on my favs. Well you know what I am. ! LOL

  2. Michael says:

    Hey Erika, It is MIchael from St. Tammany playground. Great site. I just been browsing a little. I will keep in my favs. LOL well you know what I am! LOL

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