Hurricane Gustav Update

0 Comments 01 September 2008

Thanks everyone so much for your thoughts and prayers. We did choose to evacuate our home and area to get away from Hurricane Gustav. Here is a run-down:

We left on Saturday at 2 pm. After running errands (and returning back home to grab my wedding dress) we finally got on the road around 4 pm.

We didn’t hit any traffic — we took back roads and made it to my dad’s house around 10:30 pm Saturday night with 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a very impatient and exhausted 18 month old. :)

We have been sitting here, watching the news, trying to stay optimistic. As long as a tree didn’t fall on our house, we should be fine. Apart from having to clean out our refrigerator and deal with disgusting melted ice cream and chicken juice, that is. Yech.

The power company is saying that we are scheduled to get power back on September 6th. SEPTEMBER 6th? I guess it’s better than the 3 weeks we were out of power after Katrina. We shall see, hopefully it will be done before then.

So, sorry the updates have been sparse, but hopefully it will pick up soon. I know I need to announce some winners, and I have a bunch of contests I will be running soon, so please come back.

In other news:

GOSSIP GIRL RESUMES TONIGHT! Can you tell I’m excited? I have been waiting for this all month! Whoop! Don’t call me at 8 pm — I’ll be in front of the TV, watching Chuck and Blaire duke it out — and seeing if Serena and Dan get back together. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Thank you for all of your votes, I made it into the Hot Blogger Calendar for 2009. Thank you to everyone who has visited my site, and to all who voted. I am so excited to have the opportunity to go to NYC! Now, if anyone out there wants to sponsor my trip, I’ve got 2 weeks to make it happen, lol.

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