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0 Comments 27 May 2008

Did you know that it’s unlucky to cut your hair on a Friday or Saturday? Or that you shouldn’t change the sheets in your guest room until your house guest has been gone from your house for at least an hour? By the same token, you shouldn’t turn down the sheets on a bed too early, for fear that bad luck might make itself comfortable there. And do you have mistletoe hanging in your house all year long? If not, then you should — but make sure you only cut it during the Christmas season, and hang a new sprig each Christmas Eve.

I have learned all of these things plus so many more fun facts from reading “Luck: The Essential Guide”. Ever pick up a book that is just fun to read, from beginning to end? Well this book is fun, no matter where you start reading it — even if you start in the middle! Written by Deborah Aaronson and Kevin Kwan, “Luck” is a great conversation topic! We took a little two-hour road trip with some friends today, and we chatted a bit about the different topics in this book. I’m really not overly superstitious, but this book has been so enjoyable — and since it is written in small snippets about specific topics, it’s easy to pick up in the middle or just thumb through until you find a topic that really interests you.

I definitely plan to pack it in my carry on bag for my upcoming summer travels — it would be great on the plane — fun to read, but nothing too heavy or involved. It would also be a fun beach or poolside read! If this sounds like a book you would also enjoy then you can purchase Luck: The Essential Guide on for $13.57 and it will also qualify for free shipping on orders over $25.

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